How to Create your own Xbox 360 250GB Harddrive

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How to Create your own Xbox 360 250GB Harddrive

Post  Chris on Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:57 am

This tutorial will show you how to flash a non-xbox 360 harddrive to work in an Xbox 360. BEFORE YOU ASK. It DOES work with the new dashboard update, and you WON'T get banned for this.

You must have one of these harddrives in the right size (or higher):
- WD Scorpio Series BEVS/BEAS
- WD Scorpio Blue Series BEVS/BEVT
- WD Scorpio Black Series BEKT/BJKT
- WD VelociRaptor Series

Sizes are:
- 20GB
- 60GB
- 120GB
- 250GB

1. Download iPrep, HddHackr, and all size Hddss.bin files HERE.
(If you want Xplorer360 to read 250GB harddrives, get it HERE)
(If when you try to open your harddrive, it can't find the harddrive, make sure to right click it and push "Run as Administrator")
2. Install iPrep.
3. Replace ixDef.xml in C:\Program Files\iPrep\Resources
4. Open iPrep, load the three firmwares from the "Firmwares" folder, select your sata device (which makes sure it finds the correct port for hddhackr - fixed my problem), Pick your target Device (the letter of your Flash Drive), Check the "Format/Make Bootable" check box, leave "include batch files" checked, and try using FAT as the selection. If you get an error when you hit Start, change it to FAT32 - that's what I had to do. Then hit Start.
5. When it's done copying the files to it, open the flash drive up, and copy "Hddhackr.exe" and "hddss.bin" straight into the folder, no subfolders.
5. Shutdown the computer, plug your harddrive into the sata port and power port, leave the flash drive in, and restart your computer. Make sure you change your boot options or go to the boot menu and boot from the Flash drive.
6. It will load and leave you at "C:\"
7. Just type in "hddhackr -f"
(If you have problems after this, read below)
8. Let it find you sata card and harddrive, and push "Y".
9. Then it should do what it does. Shutdown the computer and wait 10 seconds. Then turn it back on, and boot back to the USB Drive.
10. Type "Hddhackr -f" again and it should say it's ready for the xbox!
11. Put it in the Xbox 360 and Format the harddrive, requiring you to enter the serial # of your Xbox.

If you have problems after starting hddhackr, try reading and following this (What the new readme file says):

C: Create Partitions 0/2/3
D: Dump sector 16-22 from XBOX360 HDD to file
F: Flash Western Digital firmware
R: Restore Western Digital firmware
PORT: Port to send command to e.g. 09F0
DRIVE POS: A0 for Master, B0 for Slave
SECTOR FILE: Sector dump file e.g. HDDSS.BIN
RESTORE FILE: Firmware restore file e.g. UNDO.BIN

Example for create, dump, flash and restore:
HDDHACKR F 09F0 A0 HDDSS.BIN UNDO.BIN (This is what you may need to type. Be sure to find out what port number your sata device has.)
If you get, "No ATA Device Present" or something like that, try this:
Open up jungleflasher and search for the port that its on. Iprep can be misleading as I had the same problem as you guys(tell you the wrong port). After that enter the correct port number in the command line prompt and it should flash properly.

If you don't know what Harddrive to buy, here is exact title for one on Amazon. $53
Western Digital Scorpio Blue SATAII 5400RPM 2.5IN 8MB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive
Model # is WD2500BEVT



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