How to RROD your xbox

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How to RROD your xbox

Post  Chris on Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:23 am

How to remove a warrenty sticker safly.
Credit to undead ttrever for the sticker TUT.

Ok grab a hairdryer,exzcto knife,sharp flathead screwdriver, somthing flat and sharp.

Ok take off the face plate and look for the sticker.

Your sticker might jot look like this one but they are all the same!!!

Now blow the blowdryer on that and wait for it to kinda get hot, Then take the knife and start to peel the sticker slowly!!! And then put it some where safe like on wax paper, until you need to put it back on.
Now that you removed the sticker open your xbox you can just search youtube for this

After its open pop out the ram chips and you rrod your xbox you can want to do this for many various reasons like if your xbox is near its time you can send it back for a new one Smile


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