Easy Gamertag Editor 1.1

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Easy Gamertag Editor 1.1

Post  Chris on Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:49 am

Easy Gamertag Editor 1.1


* Easy to use interface to create profiles perform the Gamertag glitch for games in the Call of Duty series.
* Loads Gamertag info directly from profile, no need to extract account file.
* Has the ability to create up to 16 different Gamertags.
* Creates folder structure for profiles when you save
* NEW: Easily add buttons to your Gamertag!
* NEW: Easily add colors to your Gamertag!
* NEW: Dialog gives step-by-step instructions to help guide your editing process!
* NEW: Live hex boxes show changes as you type!


1. Copy your profile file from your hard drive or memory unit to your computer. (Profile files usually begin with "E0000....." and are 16 characters long)
2. Hit 'Open' in the Easy Gamertag Editor application, use the the displayed prompt to browse to and select your profile file.
3. Your Gamertag should now appear in the main text box of the window, use this main text box to edit your Gamertag, clicking on the buttons to insert their displayed images into your Gamertag. (NOTE: When buttons are added to your Gamertag, they will show up as a square character in text box. This is how they should look, and does not indicate a problem.) To color text, either click in front of or select the text you desire to be colored, and click the desired color's button.
4. Optional: Change the "Modded Profile Number" drop down box's value if you are creating multiple modded profiles.
5. Click the 'Save' button, and browse to the folder that you want the modded profile's folder to be saved to.
6. Browse to the folder you saved the modded profile's folder to, and copy the newly created folder (Folder's title should begin with "E0000314FA66194...") to the Partition3/Content folder of your hard drive, where your other profiles are located. (If you are using a memory unit, just copy it to wherever profiles are saved.)
7. You have now successfully put the modded profile on your hard drive or save device, from here use the regular procedure to use your modded profile's Gamertag in the matchmaking lobby.

Upcoming Releases:

* Clan tag editor
* Even better stability
* FATX support (Load profiles directly from HDD or memory unit)
* Edit Gamertag using the hex boxes
Credits to HOBOPOW3R and Hiphop03199


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